Friday, July 22, 2011

Blogging Sabbatical Coming to an End

As my one or two regular followers know, I have been on a kind of "blogging sabbatical" for the past six months or so. Actually, I can't say that I've missed blogging all that much; though I have missed it a little.

The time away was refreshing in many ways. It really is an intense time-suck. And I haven't actually had much disposable time as of late. But I've had enough, so that's just a bit of a lame excuse. My hiatus has really been more about blogging fatigue and a diminished interest. It's as simple as that.

All that said, I still very much value blogs. I read Andrew Sullivan daily. I check in periodically with a few other national blogs. I keep abreast of the NOLA blogosphere. And I really enjoy those moments when I come across funky new blogs or re-engage with blogs of friends and acquaintances that I find immeasurably enjoyable to read and which give me unique insights into the windows of the minds, personalities, and souls of people I respect and admire.

I also have blogging to thank for some new friendships (that's you, Eric!) that have lasted over the years and which have undoubtedly enriched my intellectual life. I've even had the chance to meet in person and break bread with some very nice folks that I came to know initially through blogs.

So, I have a fondness for the medium for reasons other than as an outlet to upchuck my opinions and rants (though that has always been a nice release, too!).

All of this is to say that I will be recommitting myself to The Huck Upchuck starting now, but really in earnest at the start of the month of August. And to hold my blogger feet to the fire, I will be re-instituting my blogging "self-nudge" to re-start in the month of August. (Interestingly, that whole idea was a product of an online book club experiment that emerged out of my blogging; and the actual book that gave me this idea came from my online friend, Eric, who I met through blogs and who was part of that original online book club!)

In short, my blogging sabbatical is at an end. The Huck Upchuck is back! Let's see how it goes ...

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