Thursday, May 13, 2010

Question for Helena Moreno and James Perry

I initially thought that I would stay out of the Helena Moreno/James Perry runoff election for Karen Carter-Peterson's old seat in the Louisiana State House of Representatives. And I'm still gonna hedge a bit by not issuing any kind of endorsement. But it dawned on me that whoever occupies this seat will have a vote on legislation that I consider directly important to my well-being and the well-being of many of my colleagues and friends. So, in the spirit of perhaps getting a little bit of clarity from the candidates on some current legislative initiatives in the House, I'd like to pose and open question for both Helena Moreno and for James Perry:

Where do you stand on HB 1205, otherwise known as the Omnibus Anti-Illegal Immigration Bill? Would you vote for or against this bill as it is currently written?
And if you care to elaborate on the reasons for your position, I'd be happy to hear them. Just send me an email at or post your answer in the comments section.

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