Saturday, April 11, 2009

TEA Party on April 15?

Should I join the angry throngs in the culturally-bereft conservative suburbs of Metairie? Nah. Screw that. It's my birthday and I'll be chillin' with a brew and my family. I'd much rather be enjoying the day than giving myself an ulcer.


D-BB said...

Why did you announce this so far in advance? Are you looking for all sort of people coming here to post happy birthday crap? Are you crazy?

We are bloggers and with the exception of me, they are so self-centered, they could give a rat's ass about your birthday.

Now me, I’m different. Your birthday is important. Email me on the morning of the 15th and remind me to post, "Happy Birthday" on your blog.

MAD said...

"Throngs" angry about government overspending and fiscal recklessness. The nerve of this people. Who do they think they are?

Christopher Taylor said...

You know if you went you might find out they aren't such culturally ignorant clods. Scary, I know. You might even find out that what you consider to be "culturally-bereft" is just a different culture than you prefer, they like NASCAR and country bluegrass, parades and hunting. Sort of its own culture.

Happy Birthday, Huck!

D-BB said...

Hey, Huck, whad up? Long time no see. I think I was suppose to do something today involving you. Not sure what tho. I hope you ain't the person I bought them fire engine red pumps for.

Huck said...

Hey D-BB - Missed you at the Tea Party. Or was that you screaming "Hillary Clinton/Sarah Palin 2012" while running around practically nude with only a few small tea bags barely covering a few select body parts? On another matter, how did those fire engine red pumps fit?

C_T: I grew up out in the burbs and most of my extended family are hard-core conservative suburbanites, so I know exactly what that different culture is like. I was raised by it. I think that gives me at least some credibility in judging the comparative cultural richness of the areas. I will say that you are right that it all depends on how one defines and compares cultural richness. What I crave and value in terms of culture expression and richness just does not exist in the suburbs.