Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Lusher Morning Meeting and the "Leap With Me" Song

Want to see what happens every morning at my kids' school? Check out this clip, produced by Lusher Mom and family friend Beth Aguillard (Beth's two daughters are friends with and are each in the same grades as my two daughters):

VIDEO: New Orleans Lusher Elementary LEAP test song

I get to as many morning meetings as possible and I was certainly at this one. I'm not in the video, but I was just to the left of the camera watching the performance. What you can't really make out in the video is why the crowd breaks out into a hearty laugh when Ms. King and Ms. Robin turn their backs to the audience at the end of their little choreographed dance routine. The backs of their black jackets read in hot pink letters "Leap" (On Ms. King's back) and "Test" (On Ms. Robin's back). It was a very cute number. And something like this happens just about every day at morning meeting. Mr. Hughes, the music teacher, always leads some kind of musical performance. It's always a fun time and a great way to get the day started. I'm so glad my kids go to this great school.

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Daisy said...

If you look really closely at the left side of the stage you can see me! Im not sure what im wearing, though.