Thursday, December 18, 2008

Quote of the Day

"I didn't compromise my soul to be a popular guy." George Bush.

Now, let's unpack this ten word sentence, because it sure says a lot. To start, let's take the fact that Bush is an unpopular guy. So, one interpretation of Bush's comment is that he did compromise his soul to be an unpopular guy. But let's give Bush the benefit of the doubt on this. Let's assume that he meant that he stuck to his principles, even at the expense of his popularity. What this means is perhaps even worse. When you look at why Bush is unpopular, we can get a glimpse as to that "soul" of Bush that didn't get compromised. Bush is unpopular principally because of the Iraq war. He is unpopular because of his regime's advocacy and practice of torture, not to mention his personal role in carrying out war crimes. He is unpopular because he scoffs and makes jokes about not finding WMDs in Iraq while American soldiers are sacrificing their lives over there supposedly protecting us against a regime with WMDs. He is unpopular because he patronizes the American people and he dismisses any kind of criticism of his regime with a cocky "So what?" in-your-face pseudo macho bravura. So, all of these things that made Bush unpopular are things that are supposedly consonant with his "uncompromised" soul. That's one sick, deluded soul, if you ask me.

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