Wednesday, July 02, 2008

It's Been A While

I haven't posted to the blog in a good while now. In part, it's because my family is here in Mexico with me and my attentions are elsewhere. But it's also largely because I have very weak wifi internet signals at the places where I am most likely to post blog entries. At the place where I am staying, I can get a very weak signal, but it comes in and out and I often have trouble connecting to Blogger's server through this connection. The other place, the school where I am teaching, has a better and stronger signal, but when I am there I am usually preparing for classes. And when my class is over, I usually don't hang around the school much because I want to get back to my family. So, the result has been some sketchy blogging.

I am now at the school and have made it a point to take a few minutes from my class preparation to make a posting.

Every year my family comes to Mexico, we try to take a picture of the family holding the Travel Section of the Times-Picayune so that we can submit this picture to the Times-Picayune for publication. So far, the Times-Picayune has not published our pictures. So, not waiting to see how the Times-Picayune decides this year, I'm going to publish our picture from this year right here on the Huckupchuck. Here are my lovelies with not one, but two, Travel sections of the Times-Picayune in front of the Teatro Degollado in the Historic Downtown District of Guadalajara:

And since I am not in the above picture as I am the picture taker, I figure I'd give you another picture of me in Guadalajara. Here I am in a place called Tlaquepaque singing with the Mariachi:

Notice the 2008 Jazz Fest T-shirt. You can take the boy out of the N'awl; but you can't ever take the N'awl out of the boy!


Eric said...

Sounds like good times, Huck!


Huck said...

Thanks, Eric. Yes, it is good times. I'm having a ball, and so is the family. Hope you are having a good summer, too.

Julie P said...

You all look so great! Nice to see you still have the same quirky sense of humor and wow have the girls grown since I've seen you all last.
Yes I am a huge lurker on your blog - a fathful reader and never a commenter. Glad to know you are all having a good time in Mexico.