Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Home in 4 days

... but who's counting?!?

It's been a great ride this year in Guadalajara and other environs here in Mexico. Our group's recent trip to Mexico City was superb this year. And the weather was just fine.

One little comment about the Mexico City trip. We were all out in the Zona Rosa at a Mexican restaurant for dinner one evening and there was a mariachi band performing. It was nice. About halfway through the evening, one of the group stunned all of us. In a good way! This young woman, out of the blue, just got up, joined the mariachi band, and sang a mariachi song in Spanish. And she was great! A great voice! We had no idea!

I must say it was a great source of pride. Here we were, a big group of obvious gringos, gathering at a Mexican restaurant, and one of our fair gringas got up and showed Mexicans how it was done. The Mexicans in the restaurant were equally stunned but in very good spirits. It was a great moment for cultural solidarity. That was probably the highlight of the Mexico City trip.

Anyway ... much to do when I get back to New Orleans. I've lots of work to catch up on in the office in preparation for the upcoming academic year.

But one thing that I've decided will be one of my first tasks upon returning is to explore the possibility of either purchasing or renting an Alto Sax and then learning how to play it. I've really been brushing up on my Jazz History this summer and, though I've been thinking this for a while, the fact has finally congealed in my mind that I really want to play the Alto Sax.

I've always liked Charlie Parker, but this summer something really touched me and moved me about his music, his playing, and his contributions to Jazz. I'm just motivated by Bird to give the instrument he handled so well a go of my own. Any other Alto Sax players out there who might have some inspirational tips for me as I begin my journey into this musical venture, please don't hesitate to drop me a comment.


jkim said...

Hey Jimmy! Glad to hear that you are coming back stateside. I have returned as well. The alto sax is an amazing instrument. I played for about 6 years, and I am thinking about picking it up again. Peace!

Huck said...

Jon! Great to hear from you and to see you back in the States. For a while there, I thought you were destined to be a permanent ex-pat! The big question, though, is whether you are in New Orleans now, or whether you're at home and won't be returning to New Orleans until the fall semester starts. It would be great if you are in N.O. so that we could get together and catch up when I return this weekend. Let me know.

Also, maybe I can convince you to help me get started on the Alto Sax? Give me some initial lessons on the basics? That would be so cool. I just love the be-boppers. Charlie Parker is the god of be-bop, but he's got some killer support from Dizzy Gillespie and Bud Powell.