Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Well, I haven't had much time to post anything these last few days, given all that's been happening. And I don't have all that much time just at the moment to post anything too substantial. So, though I foresee some time over the coming days when I can catch up with the blog, I'll just leave a few random thoughts and comments here for the moment.

First, the LatiNola Votes! campaign this past Saturday was a mixed success. We had great volunteer turnout, but only marginal turnout from the community. We did manage to register 31 individuals, which we should still take as a good start. But we were hoping for something much more substantive. So, the hard work continues. The leadership team will be meeting to evaluate and plan for upcoming drives, and it's likely that we'll continue to have at least one big drive once a month from now until October.

One exciting thing about this past Saturday, unrelated to the LatiNola Votes! event, was that I had the chance to meet Dangerblond for the first time. She was managing the polls at the Bayou Coffee Shop when I went to cast my votes for delegates to the upcoming national Democratic Convention. Deborah Langhoff was also there, so I had the chance to meet her as well. I'm pretty jazzed about the prospects for reform within the local Democratic Party establishment with Dangerblond, Deborah, and others sitting on the committee.

Hillary Clinton appears to have held off Obama and staunched his Omentum by throwing the "kitchen sink" at him. So, she'll probably be around for another day. But the delegate math heavily favors Obama and he's still likely to be the nominee. The good thing for Obama is that Hillary is doing all the dirty work that McCain and the GOP could have done, and so Obama is getting experience in weathering such attacks and finding ways to disarm them. My only concern is not that Hillary soldier's on in the Primary Campaign, but what doing so will do to the Democratic Party this November. What I once considered to be a lock for the Democrats on the Presidency this fall, I am now not so confident of. We'll see.

That's all for now. I'll be back soon. Peace.


D-BB said...
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D-BB said...

Forgive me Hucky for that disusting comment I made. I have bared witness to the miracle. I have now saved. I am now a child of Obama.

Yes we can!