Saturday, July 05, 2003

Cuaderno Latinoamericano - On Mexico's Midterm Elections: As usual, Andres Oppenheimer has a good piece on the elections. He doesn't predict a winner, but he does outline why these elections are so important for 2006. In Oppenheimer's point of view, in addition to its impact on the Fox Administration's ability to get anything done over the next three years, these mid-term elections will all but certainly determine the major party candidates and platforms for the presidential elections in 2006. Tim Weiner, of The New York Times argues that the only thing likely to change in the elections is that Mexicans will stay home from the polls in droves. Seems that US-style democracy, finally rooting in Mexico, is also bringing with it US-style abstentionism. Kevin Sullivan, of the Washington Post, apparently finding the midterm elections anti-climactic, looks ahead to the 2006 Presidential elections and profiles the leftist PRD's likely candidate.

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