Saturday, December 21, 2002

Lagniappe - I find it amusing and ironic that some conservatives cannot help but come down as hard on democrats for Trent Lott's gaffe as they do on Lott himself. Believe me, Trent Lott's problem is exclusively his own. It belongs to no other person or party. I can't wait to see how Lott's demise - and the corresponding connection between his statement and the GOP's connection to racial backwardness - becomes part of the vast, left-wing, Bill Clinton conspiracy. It's especially amusing that conservatives have the gall to get their gander up when Bill Clinton, a man constantly humiliated, belittled, and abused by Republicans, gets a little bit of payback by suggesting that Trent Lott reflects what the GOP does secretly on the "back streets" in the south. Are those "racist" Republican conservatives finally feeling some sympathy for us "morally relativistic" and "sexually-perverted" Democratic liberals? Oh, and one final comment: to all you Republicans who are finding some moral comfort in demanding that Trent Lott resign his Senate Majority leadership post, why not demand the full kit-and-kaboodle of Trent Lott's expulsion from the Senate. If there were such a thing as "impeachment" of a Senator (and for all I know, there very well may be), why not demand it? If you really want to pat yourself on the back, and say how much better you are than the Democrats who rallied to Clinton's defense, then find a way to impeach Lott.

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