Thursday, December 12, 2002

Kingfishery and Kingcakery - I wonder what to make of it that another Louisiana Republican politician, this time a state legislative representative from Bush Country north of Lake Pontchartrain, was caught in an Eastern New Orleans Porn shop and arrested on charges of lewd behavior? I know Louisiana is full of hypocrites and sinners, especially from the conservative moralistic crowd, (Rev. Jimmy "I have sinned" Swaggert, Bob "Caught with his pants down and garter belts on" Livingston, Rev. Marvin "Airline Highway Trysts" Gorman, etc.), but what can we do about this? (Not to say the left liberals in Louisiana are any better, i.e. Edwin "Crook" Edwards and Cleo "Stuffed Pockets" Fields - but at least they don't sermonize and cast stones at others about sins they themselves commit.) Gov. Mike Foster (a Louisiana Republican that I admire) is perhaps the best thing the state has produced in terms of an no-nonsense, above-board, legit politician in a long time. (I have high hopes for democratic mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin, but it is still too early to tell, though it looks very promising.) I wish that Foster could have done more in his seven years as governor to clean up this nasty image of Louisiana politicians, but I guess there is only so much the good guys can do.

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