Saturday, December 06, 2008

Today is a Good Day

Today is a very good day for the following reasons:

(1) Anh "Joseph" Cao has defeated William Jefferson for Louisiana's 2nd Congressional District. New Orleans now has the distinction of sending the first Vietnamese-American to Congress. I have to admit, though, that I honestly didn't think he would do it; but I did my part to make it happen. I broke party discipline and endorsed him early last month, and I voted for him today. There was a sign around town today that said: "End the Embarrassment." I'm glad to say that we did. And though I have my qualms about Cao on some issues, my vote for him was not just a protest vote against Jefferson, but really also a positive vote for Cao on the merits. I like him on the issues that are important to me. In fact, I got to chat briefly with Mr. Cao (now Rep. Cao!) this morning, as I was sitting in the PJ's Coffeeshop on Magazine Street, where he stopped in for an election day campaign visit. He remembered me from the Congressional Forum that I moderated a while back, and we had a nice, but brief little chat. I wish him all the best in Congress and I'll be rooting for him to do some good things for our wonderful City.

(2) Although I am an Alabama Crimson Tide fan, I take some pleasure in the fact that I called a solid Florida Gators victory over the Crimson Tide two weeks ago. It wasn't as decisive a victory as I said it would be (3 touchdowns), but it wasn't that far off. Florida won 31-20, an 11 point victory.

(3) I woke up today with the lingering memory that yesterday was the last day of classes for the Fall Semester; and all day long I had that bounce in my step that comes with the relief of having completed the weekly lecture/seminar grind of the semester. I've still got final papers and exams to look forward to, but there is a great relief that comes with having a break from the weekly classroom grind.

(4) I had the pleasure of watching my two daughters go through their dress rehearsal for their parts in the Nutcracker Ballet. My youngest daughter is one of the many little mice that scuffle with the Nutcracker's soldiers; and she just looked precious in her little mouse outfit. My oldest daughter, just recently on pointe, is now one of the "older" dancers who struts around with confidence and leadership. She is performing as one of the dolls.

(5) Today was the "Father/Daughter Dance" at my two girls' school. We got all dressed up, made up, and gussied up, and had a great time together dancing, eating, and laughing. It was a special time for me, my 10-yr-old 5th grader, and my 6-yr-old 1st grader.

(6) We decorated our Christmas tree this evening as a family. We listened to Johnny Mathis singing Christmas standards as we did so; and we drank egg-nog, too. What can get better than that?

All in all, a most excellent day!

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