Sunday, January 04, 2015


Have been to a number of movies over the holidays.  I've seen the latest Hobbit release.  I've seen "Into the Woods." And I've seen the latest Hunger Games flick.  Enjoyed them all, but have to admit to being a tad unimpressed with all of them.

The Hobbit finale was just nothing like the book, so I took exception to that.

"Into the Woods" was visually pleasant and I love Sondheim and the lyrical genius that he produces; but this particular show is a tad on the long side and I found myself getting impatient for the ending with about a half hour of the show remaining.  Meryl Streep was, as usual, outstanding as the witch.

The Hunger Games was nothing more than a very long trailer and prequel to the exciting (I hope!) finale.  It leaves one wanting, which is not how I prefer my movies.

I'd recommend them all, as I think they are worth seeing; but don't expect too much of them.

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