Friday, September 13, 2013

Poem: "11th Birthday"

11th Birthday

Today a birthday, ably made and quite happy, indeed.

This flushed, pink perennial rising lightly from her tussled bed,
Hair in right angles crossing in wispy strands,
Angled dandelion petals poised for flight at the
Hint of the breathy disturbance of morning’s call.

How she floats dreamily to the breakfast table, unperturbed!
Her line of approach a bit akilter, though she
Alights unfailingly on her proper perch, and settles
Softly in nourishment’s nest, eyes still squinting, half-closed.

As for me, a kind of birdwatcher I become,
Observing this wondrous peregrination from
Behind my binoculars, with breath caught,
Held for as long as possible, to prolong the moment
Before she catches my scent and, with a sly eye,
Spies me watching.

Our eyes locked, her slender neck slightly tilted in my direction,
My heartbeat suspended, she
Leans forward
And effortlessly, easily, unhesitatingly, even brazenly
Blows out the birthday candle.

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