Sunday, October 02, 2011

Another Good Con Blog

It's always nice to find another academic, especially one who represents a reasonable and thoughtful conservative viewpoint, who also blogs.  Professor Mondo, whose blog I found through Morgan Freeberg's House of Eratosthenes blog (another usually reasonable conservative), has been nice enough to include the Huck Upchuck on his blogroll.  Although I do try to be a nice guy (and I've returned the favor to Professor Mondo by listing him on my blogroll) I can't claim to be reasonable and nice all of the time (As some of my regulars will confirm, I am prone to get excited on occasion and to spout off irresponsibly and carelessly at times); but I do appreciate that Professor Mondo's style of writing and thinking (kinda cerebral) matches my own.  Anyway, check his blog out.

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