Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rising Tide VI

I haven't given any blog love to Rising Tide VI, and that's truly a shame, especially given that I'm a panelist this year. But it does promise to be a really fabulous event. Although I'm not a huge fan of Treme, I know a lot of folks are, and given that David Simon, the creator of the TV show, is headlining at RT6 as one of the keynote speakers, I think folks might be even doubly interested in attending.

I'll be participating as part of a "Social Media, Social Justice" panel, where I'll be talking about the use of social media in counteracting the legislative initiatives here in Louisiana to impose some harsh Arizona-style anti-immigrant legislation.

There's also a food panel as well as a brass band panel. Promises to be a truly N'awl experience. Register and come by if you are around and if you are so inclined.

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