Sunday, May 01, 2011

Obama and Osama

As everyone knows by now, Osama bin Laden has been killed by a meticulously planned and perfectly executed military operation in Pakistan.

Quote of the moment relative to this whole moment goes to Andrew Sullivan:

But it remains obvious that the president who kills Osama bin Laden is a president who is going to be almost impossible to beat in 2012.
Amen to that sentiment. Even more impressive is that all the while Donald Trump was stirring the "birther" pot, Obama was taking on the real task of governing. When the history books look back on this moment in the history of our country, Trump and all his birthers will look like abject fools and Obama will look like the serious statesman who just ignores the petulant noise and rises above it.


Eric said...

I started to chide you for the cynicism of this post, but I must admit the truth: My first thought last night was, "Dammit, he just won himself four more years." although I quickly didn't care as details emerged.

Today I'm mostly just glad as hell that Bin Laden is fish food. I'll worry about Obama's candidacy next week.

Congrats and thanks go out to President Obama, to our intelligence and defence agencies, and most emphatically to Navy Seal Team Six.

Eric said...

Also, regarding Donald Trump, I really liked Andrew Brietbart's comment on Bill Maher's show over the weekend, which went something like this: "In the post-apocalyptic Mad Max America where everybody is riding around in the desert on dune buggies wearing leather, feathers, chain mail, and hocky masks, yes, give me Donald Trump as President... but not yet."