Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I want to be blogging. I really do. And lord knows there's not a shortage of stuff to blog about. (And I still owe folks a review of Lonesome Dove!) But when push comes to shove and I open up the Blogger "new post" screen, all my initiative and enthusiasm for blogging just withers on the vine. And it's not even that it would take a lot of effort. The blogging mojo just isn't there. I'm not gonna give up on the medium, and I'll keep trying to motivate myself, but I just wanted to let folks know where I am and what's up.

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jkim said...

One thing that is helping me stick to the medium is a photo-a-day project. I find that I am interested in looking at my pictures once posted, and once I spend more time on my blog, the more likely something will strike me to write about.

Anyway, its a little a like a self-nudge, although not nearly as punitive. Instead of preventing an "evil" (donating to SarahPAC) you start to build a portfolio of work.