Friday, January 07, 2011

Well, Ain't This Grand

Just got wind of this.

At the very least, the University seems to be doing everything it can to handle the situation.

But what I want to know is what the hell was this information doing on a portable laptop in the first place; and, moreover, what the hell was this employee thinking to leave a laptop with so much critically sensitive information unmonitored in a car, on an out-of-town trip? I don't think this information should ever be placed on a laptop to begin with; but if it had to be, then the person responsible for it should have handcuffed the damn thing to his or her being.

I'd hate to be that person right now.


Ken said...

I'm amazed that Tulane didn't have the laptop encrypted if such sensitive information was stored on it AND that Tulane doesn't have the ability to (1) determine if the computer has been accessed and (2) to wipe the hard drive remotely as soon as it IS accessed.

These are all standard business IT practices. For my work laptop, the computer seeks out the backup server whenever it has Internet access (even WiFi) and does a remote backup. If the computer has been reported stolen since the last backup, the same system will remotely wipe the hard drive.

Huck said...

Good points, Ken. I don't know much about standard business IT practices, but what you point out makes a lot of sense. I hope Tulane has something like this in place and that this announcement is merely Tulane being responsible, proactive, and transparent.