Monday, November 29, 2010

Be a DREAMer

And by the way, become a fan of Cuentame.

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eric said...

I might be willing to support something like this after we have taken other strong measures to combat illegal immigration, including securing our southern border. But as it stands, I think the DREAM act would serve to incentivize more illegal immigration. All good intentions aside, under the current political and legal climate I think the bill could do more harm than good for our country.

With that said, I'd be willing to entertain a variation of this bill that offered citizenship to the best and brightest (I don't know the nation is served well by granting temporary legal residency to any child of an illegal immigrant who can pass a GED, but if we are going to allow them to take advantage of our public schools, then it may be worth considering for the ones who can do advanced calculus and score high on the SAT).