Monday, July 13, 2009

Thought of the Day: Sonia Sotomayor on the SCOTUS

Forget the jurisprudence, I just can't wait for Sonia Sotomayor to slap that cocky blowhard Antonin Scalia around behind chamber doors! Do not doubt that Scalia will try to pull his Italian macho patriarchal dismissive B.S. with Sotomayor, but do not also doubt that Sotomayor will snap back so hard with that fiesty Puerto Rican female sass and intelligence such that Scalia not only won't know what reamed him, but that he will also be shamed by the realization that he brought this reaming on himself!


Eric said...

Advocating somebody solely for the anguish they inflict on your political opponents? Now you understand why so many conservatives love Palin (who has a great piece in the WaPo today on cap-n-trade).

The dark side of The Force sure does feel nice and warm, doesn't it? ;-)

Huck said...

Heh! Yes, slipping to the Dark Side on occasion does have its allure. :)

No doubt: everything about my posting is off-colored, deviously malicious, and so politically incorrect. But, hey, I've never claimed perfection! This is the "Upchuck," after all!

Of course, I would never seriously advocate that we should just "forget the jurisprudence." It's just that the image of two strong-willed and outspoken justices with claims to "Latin/Mediterranean" ancestry - and all the stereotypes thereof - scrapping and scuffling behind chamber doors was so deliciously amusing, I couldn't help myself.

In such a scrap, I know who I would bet my money on - the "wise" Latina! Every single time! Scalia wouldn't stand a chance. :)