Tuesday, June 09, 2009

HB521 - To the Governor

HB521 - a bill proposed by Representative Juan LaFonta of the Louisiana House of Representatives to create "an advisory council to propose ways to eliminate obstacles to the effective delivery of governmental services to Latin Americans" - has passed the House concurrence vote on the Senate's amended bill by a vote of 86 Ayes, 0 Nays, and 18 Absent. So, the original bill passed the House, moved to the Senate where it passed with Amendments, went back to the House for its concurrence with the Senate Amendments, where it was passed by a large margin.

What this means is that now the bill heads for Gov. Jindal's desk and will become law unless Gov. Jindal vetoes the bill, which is extremely unlikely to happen.

What a change from last summer. I couldn't be more pleased. Even though this advisory council really has no "teeth" to effect policy, it's symbolically important for the message it sends to the Latin American and Latino residents of the State of Louisiana.

Thanks to Rep. LaFonta for authoring the bill and for shepherding it successfully through the legislative process.


Ricardo said...

OK, now let's get him to chance his homophobic ASS-HATTERY or should I say ass-hatery. (Either way it's a terrible pun.)

D-BB said...

Hey Ricardo, I need some yard work. You available this weekend?

Hey Huck, How am u be? Look, I may be thick as a brick (My words but a whisper - your deafness a SHOUT) but are you Spanish? I need to know because I am updating my files.

Ricardoi said...

D-BB. You are going to have to earn your Big 40 elsewhere. I tend to my own turf. Was that you that my AA neighbor stopped from squatting in the Road Home house across the street from us?