Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Credit Annoyances

Every summer I have to face the prospect of having one or all of my credit cards turned down at least once while in Mexico. I assume that this is for my protection because a charge in Mexico probably elicits a fraud red flag. But it's a royal hassle nonetheless to have to call the credit card company from Mexico and explain the situation and get the block removed. Now, I should say that I've had this problem even when I call the credit card companies ahead of time and inform them that I will be in Mexico from such and such a date to such and such a date and to accept charges from Mexico during this time as legitimate. But to no avail. I have yet to have a smooth experience as far as credit card usage in Mexico goes. And this poses particular stress because I use the credit card for program expenses and activities that I organize for my group. Oh, well ... the price one pays for overzealous credit card companies. I guess I shouldn't complain. I'd rather be having to make calls to verify legitimate usage instead of having to make calls to contest fraudulent usage. But it is annoying and frustrating nonetheless.

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Anonymous said...

ugh! same thing happens to me in lima.