Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Jindal High Jinks

You know, I have been pretty blasé about the Governor's race and not even all that exorcised about a Bobby Jindal victory. I can't say that I have been even remotely persuaded that Jindal would be a governor representative of what I think are in the best interests of the State of Louisiana; but I at least wasn't animated to go out there and raise a ruckus about him. I haven't even thought to be a critical voice on my blog ... until now.

The reason for this lies in the behavior of some of his apparent campaign staffers to squelch even the basic right of Louisiana citizens to hear and see and document Jindal's comments and public events where Jindal speaks on matters of importance to all citizens, not just to conservative Republican citizens.

You want to read a bit what I'm talking about here, try this story on for size. It is incredible that non-confrontational individuals, citizens of the State of Louisiana, peacefully attending a public event featuring someone who wants to be this citizen's governor, and without any inappropriate clothing or signs that would distract or disrupt the event in any way, would be thrown out of the event. And it is simply intolerable that Jindal would support this behavior.

Here's another story, with video footage, of a similar kind of behavior.

It just shouldn't be this way in a free society. Period.

And Jindal's now enlisted another person actively in the column against him now.

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