Saturday, June 30, 2007

Update on The Huck Upchuck

Well, since I haven't heard back yet from John Hawkins of Right Wing News about why he banned me from commenting on his site, and since Hawkins is about to go on vacation, presumably meaning I shouldn't expect a reply any time soon, I have no choice but to bring what would have been my comments there to my own blogsite here. Hawkins can ban me from commenting on his blog, but thanks to the freedoms of our great country, he can't ban me from commenting on my blog. In fact, I will be making use of the liberties afforded me under the Constitution and augmented by the Patriot Act to conduct warrantless surveillance of Right Wing News. As of now, I will resurrect my blog and, in doing so, will establish a new category of commentary for my blog that will exclusively follow with a sharp-edged, fine-tooth, critical comb the goings-on of conservative blogs, and particularly of Right Wing News. As a nod to the Patriotic intent of this new category, I am dubbing it the "The Warrantless Blogtapping Program." I know it's cheesy, but, hey, what the hell? It's my blog, right?

I actually throw this down as a challenge to Hawkins. I want to encourage him to visit and to respond and to comment. He is welcome to do so. And I promise I won't ban him, no matter what he says!

Now, I have to say that I like Hawkins. I think he is intelligent and I think he writes extremely well. I think his arguments are tightly constructed and have a clear logic. I even think he is right-on about about some things. But this latest episode of banning me from commenting on his site has shown me that there is also a bit of a petty, vindictive, and vulnerable side to Hawkins. I must have pushed some button that cracked his tough-guy veneer and gotten under his skin. Unfortunately, it has exposed a part of Hawkins that is not all that flattering and admirable. And though I would have never thought it about him until recently, the fact that his reaction is simply to ignore me and not even respond to my honest inquiry as to the reasons for my banning leads me to think that he is also a bit cowardly. I mean, how hard would it have been for him to write me back and simply say: "I banned you because you are a jerk and a liar" or "I banned you because you hurt my feelings" or "I banned you just because I wanted to," etc. He could even have a really legitimate reason for banning me, which I might acknowledge and even agree with. But how can I know that unless he tells me? But ... all this is lagniappe. What I am ultimately left with is my own blog where I can engage his thoughts and ideas on my own terms. And that's what I intend to do.

I won't exclusively be reacting to Right Wing News on this blog. I will also engage other topics that suit my fancy. And I welcome any and all to a vigorous duel of ideas in the blog comments section. But I will manage this dueling according to the following rules:

(1) I will not tolerate any vulgar or obscene language on my blog. I will delete any comments that use such language.

(2) I will not tolerate threats of any kind to anyone who posts here. I will delete any comments that make such threats.

If I find the need arises to address some other aspect of the exchanges that take place in the blog comments section, I reserve the right to establish other rules accordingly.

Well, that's it for now. Check back for what I hope will be a more active and engaging blog; but know that, although my sincere intention is to resuscitate and reinvigorate my blog, sometimes intentions don't always translate into reality. So, take this blog at face value. If I post one hundred entries over the next three months, or one entry, so be it.

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