Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Cuaderno Latinoamericano - Long time, no post. Well, so it goes when one is occupied with other more important things. But I won't give up the ghost just yet. Bush's absolutely disastrous Latin American policy is beginning to be noticed by more than just the specialist journalist like Andres Oppenheimer or the interested academic like me. Peter Bienart of The New Republic has an excellent piece on the very points about Bush's (non) Latin American policy that I have been harping on for so long now. His last few comments in this article are both sarcastic and sad:

Perhaps the White House will turn its attention south as 2004 approaches. Then again, if Karl Rove decides on a different strategy to woo Latinos, maybe Bush can finally admit that he has given up on Latin America. Which would make sense--since Latin America has pretty much given up on him.

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