Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An Original Composition for Michele. Happy 19th Anniversary.

Flushed in love, I glimpse another, worn by years,
Reach for the mottled hand of his frail bride,
Sitting silently, softly, at his side,
Their partnership never long in arrears,
Seasoned surely by shared worries and fears.
But in this singular touch does abide,
I note, a settled, quiet love applied,
Which had to, had to!, plow through track and tears.
Stopped cold by this, I, with my love felt strong,
So new,  so …  bursting, in charge and retreat,
Hope if the years do pass likewise for us,
I would be so placed to take your hand thus,
And recall that first time our paths did meet,
To tell in a touch we did not go wrong.