Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To MCB - For Love of the Spring of 1991

I wrote this sonnet when I was 23 years old, and I wrote it for the woman who was my girlfriend at the time, and who is now my wife of nearly 18 years.  People, it works.  Write someone you love a poem. 

To MCB, For Love of the Spring of 1991

Gentle bird, sweet lark, you who softly sing
Your misfortune, tonight lie cradled in
My palm.  Some malady had befallen
Your fragile frame, had clipped your forward wing.
So I held you and tended your being,
Healing my hurt by healing yours. But when
These flowers now start to bloom, do you then
Sing your sorrow still, my songbird of Spring?

No. I'll not keep you caged behind the bars
Of affection, and so heighten your plight.
For I, who knows that clutching also scars,
Do hear your anguished song through this dark night,
Lonely and yearning for the distant stars.
For love, I free you; fly, sweet life, take flight.


Michele Benson Huck said...

As beautiful today as it was 20 years ago...

Liu Liu said...
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